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My friend Sue turned 40 recently - much to her horror. So I wanted to paint her something cheerful, and most of all to capture some of the many things that are special about her.

The result is ‘A Life in Cupcakes’!
Each cupcake says something about Sue, her talents and occupations, her life as happy wife and mother, and (my favourite) the many cups of tea we have shared over years of putting the world to rights!
For a truly personal gift I can paint the special aspects of your friends’ or family’s life in a unique way. Just contact me for a discussion and together we’ll create a surprise.

It could be a birthday card, a wedding invitation, a set of invitations, a Christmas card or seasonal party invtation. A single hand-made card or a printed set. I would be delighted to hear your idea and create a personalised card to fit the bill.

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