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I have a passion for buildings - especially where the passage of time has added texture. Every house has its own character, and the medium of watercolour is ideal for bringing that unique atmosphere to life.

Houses and buildings are painted to commission. Where possible I like to take my own photographs, but I can equally work from photographs sent to me.

Prices start at £150 for an unframed watercolour sized 250mm x 200mm. Please telephone or email me to discuss a project.

Clicking the images below will show a larger version, and allow scrolling through the rest of the gallery

  • House Portrait - Warwickshire Farmhouse
  • House Portrait - London house
  • House Portrait - Country cottage
  • House Portrait - Leamington cottage
  • House Portrait - Warwickshire Cottage
  • House Portrait - Warwickshire Country Pub
  • House Portrait - Large Country House
  • House Portrait - Historic house in Warwick
  • House Portrait - Mill Street, Warwick
  • House Portrait - Family House, Birmingham
  • Watercolour Portrait - Child's portrait
  • Watercolour Portrait - Kitten

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